Competitive Advantage

Are you doing everything you can to compete at your highest level? If you aren’t training your dynamic visual skills, you aren’t playing at your peak performance! We can train your speed and span of recognition, enhance your visual and motor reaction time, and reduce the stress effects of sport performance. The first thing to improve is peripheral awareness and the ability to stay focused followed by the speed and accuracy of the physical responses.

At SportSight North we can help you gain a competitive advantage both on and off the field. We provide a dynamic sensory motor integration program that has NO negative side effects. In fact, athletes have reported higher grades due to improved focus, better visual awareness while driving, as well as higher confidence levels and an increase in their sport performance.

Performance Vision Services

Initial Visual Assessment

The first step for every athlete is to assess visual and sensorimotor skills and prepare a detailed summary of these baseline scores.

Whether this baseline is for the athlete, parent or coach, this assessment can provide valuable information to leverage your strengths and highlight areas where you may need improvement.

Remote Training

Train with us from the comfort of your own home. This package gives you access to our NeuroTracker and Vizual Edge programs.

Complete Dynamic Visual Skills Training Program

This package gives you access to all of our technology and is available for individual athletes, small groups, teams or schools. After the initial visual assessment has been completed a customized training program is developed specific to the athlete’s sport, position and visual system.

These programs can also be customized to your schedule and how frequently you would like to train with us.


We develop sport-specific programs that coaches can integrate into their existing practices. This includes a SportSight North trainer onsite to run the dynamic visual training part of your practice.

Contact us to find out more about these custom programs and pricing. Prices will vary depending on the distance travelled and group sizes.


SportSight North has partnered with Complete Concussions Management Inc. to provide the most up to date multimodal baseline testing. We come to you and conduct a battery of tests to evaluate several areas of brain function. This data is then stored in the Complete Concussions Management network and post-injury treatment of concussion patients is directed to a certified clinic which has access to the baseline records.

This service is available for individual athletes, small groups, teams or schools.