Concussion Baseline Testing

Concussion baseline testing is an important safety measure to ensure athletes are prepared to participate in their respective sports. The implementation of multimodal baseline testing allows medical professionals to have a thorough understanding of an athlete’s typical brain performance prior to a possible concussion. Early identification and treatment can potentially prevent long-term consequences for the athlete and ensure a safe return to play. 

SportSight North has partnered with Complete Concussion Management Inc. to provide a network of trained healthcare providers for athletes impacted by concussions. Our baseline testing allows these professionals to provide the best care possible after an injury and is just one way we can keep our athletes safe and healthy in competitive sports. Complete Concussions is the largest evidence-based concussion care network in the world. 

So how does it work? SportSight North comes to you and conducts a battery of tests to evaluate several areas of brain function. This data is then stored in the Complete Concussions Management network and post-injury management of concussion patients is directed to a certified clinic which has access to the baseline records.


complete concussions

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